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Learn the benefits of taking your placenta’s stem cells for postpartum recovery, and avoiding postpartum depression, support c- section recovery.  


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Placenta services

Planning a c- section, natural birth, homebirth, birth-center birth, hospital birth and wondering what you can do to support your recovery in excellence?

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What you can expect

Well- Postpartum Package

Vegeterian Capsules

An average size placenta will yield between a QTY. of 100-200 capsules, if petite it will yield a QTY. of 77-99 capsules. They are of the smallest size for ease of consumption.

4 0z amber glass preserving mother cells and will provide the same benefits as the capsules, but with longer self life.

Umbilical cord keep-sake

The package include both umbilical cord keep-sake and videos & pictures of the tree of life with a over view of your placenta.

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Eres la mejor!!! Mi post parto fue maravilloso Gracias a los beneficios de mi placenta y la preparación que hiciste de las cápsulas!!! Además tú compañía y seguimiento en mi proceso de embarazo y post parto me hizo sentir acompañada y segura! Mil gracias por poder contar contigo siemrpe!

Karla Icomerce
Mother of 2

Extraordinary experience! Working with Chandelle was the best decision for my physical and mental health. Our placenta is a healing gift from God that we deserve.
I encourage you to take your placenta and own it, you will feel your best and love it. A plus: my hair and my skin are radiant after having my baby at 40 years young.
Thank you so much Chandelle 🙏

Karen Hoyos
Celeberty coach

Chandelle is by far the best at what she does. She not only is fully knowledgeable of the placenta benefits she’s also a naturalist guru that promotes natural healing and self conscious. We are extremely happy with her and hands down recomendado her.

Mauricio Gaivis
Dedicated Father
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