Uncategorized Living In The City With PTSD- Life Saving Tactics

Living in the city of Miami that is, at least for me. Not many people think of what it’s like to be plagued with PTSD and living in the city. Being pregnant in the city means crowded streets, longer lines, loud noises, keeping germs and interactions to a minimum. Being that I was born and raised in Miami, Fl (tourist central) I have some tricks to thriving out in the city. 


This alone is a powerful tool, the benefits of intaking air, oxygen are mind blowing and too many to name so you will just have to take our word for it. Inhale, the stomach expands, fill your lungs, exhale slowly release and empty; do this 3x’s minimum. This contrary to popular belief takes a nanosecond and does wonders for you and your baby.


Pick what you will, but get your heart pumping, do things kids do. Use it or lose it. Plenty of studies link exercise to lowering depression and boosting confidence which in turn means a more patient you in any given situation.  Eventually, you want to move into making this a daily ritual and work your way to adding in meditation. Meditation is what our blog is founded on and we want to bring people to sit in silence breath.

Essential oils

Plant-based oils that go past brain barriers to reach you at a cellular level and support your mood and cognitive well-being.

I sell high-quality grade essential oils if you would like to learn more about them or purchase them please email us: info@loverebirth.com

Essential oils are my favorite due to the benefits in aiding the boost of memory, easing anxiety, and the way you could use them to make your own body care if you were interested in a non-toxic approach to self-care.


I have an invisible toolbox for restoring sanity, and you should too. The above are a few healthy options that you can use as a part of bettering your lifestyle habits when living with PTSD and anxiety.

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