Uncategorized 7 Ways To Get Started With Meditation During Pregnancy

In our previous articles we counted 7 ways why you should meditate during pregnancy. Today we bring you this addition! We do hope you like it and will comment below your experiences with our methods, tips, and tools.


7 Ways To Get Started With Meditation During Pregnancy

  1. Find a time early morning before everyone wakes up or a time late afternoon right before going to bed where you can take 20 minutes to practice meditation.
  2. Relax, be sure to sit comfortably or lay on your back on a yoga mat palms facing upward, thoughts will come and go just receive them and then release them.
  3. Close your eyes, now you can sense another world you can not see with your eyes.
  4. Connecting to your breath is the easiest way to stay on track, listen to your breath, hear the ocean wave within the inhale and exhale of it.
  5. Tune into your body, what is coming up for you? Where do you feel uncomfortable? Notice any little thing in the body.
  6. Put your hand over your baby during this whole process, and know that your baby is benefiting from this quite time with you.
  7. If you feel lost or confused simply return to your breath, watch it, feel it, hear it, let it take you

Do this process once a day for 20 minutes with or with out your partner. Please email subscribe if you are interested in joining our first 21 day meditation challenge!


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