Meditation During Pregnancy 7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Start Meditation During Pregnancy

There is nothing more important than a woman’s experience’s and mental health during pregnancy.

And that is why we are talking about meditation. Everyone has stress, and if you have a history of domestic violence, PTSD, anxiety, or depression, than you have it 10 x’s more intense then others.

Being pregnant and having a history, adding in life’s stresses- you have to become mindful and know how to support your self during this delicate time.

One of the number one tools in your toolbox for self-healing is meditation! Mind body interventions during pregnancy is proving to become an interest, the benefits create extremely positive results even for those with substance abuse.


Lets count down the reasons why this is the best practice during your pregnancy:

  1. Meditation creates clarity of mind when you are feeling overwhelmed by a thought meditation will ease and create clarity
  2. Meditation reduces anxiety, stress, depression which are known to cause issues in labor and delivery.
  3. Meditation creates a restful alertness which is great for our body to be able to function in optimum level to produce whatever we need to support us and growing life within us.
  4. Meditation allows for us to become familiar with what we need as individuals
  5. Meditation creates long-term wellness
  6. Meditation contributes to the baby’s behavior and attitudes in the long run to be healthy and stable
  7. Meditation is free

You should really consider it! If your curious to learn more please email subscribe so we can add you to our pregnancy meditation forum coming soon .

We bring to you tried and true methods. Information and resources that are beneficial to women who have been in a domestic violence, suffer from anxiety, depression, or diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while pregnant or in postpartum phase.

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